Brand :  Roland
Manager :  Roy Wong
Phone :  010 -6527 2126
Fax :  010 -6517 1141 
Email :  [email protected] 
Website :  www.roland-electron…

Roland is the recognized leader for sensors and electronics in the following niche markets:

  • Double sheet detection
  • Weld seam detection and positioning of tubes
  • Steel cord inspection systems for steel belted radial tires

In these application areas Rolands products have achieved unique selling positions (USP) which are appreciated by customers. The basis for that our unique knowledge and experience are the following sensor principles: magnetic flux leakage, eddy current, induction and recently also ultrasonics and capacitive measurement.

Founded in 1965 the company is located in Keltern, a small community situated in the Northern foothills of the Black Forest between the cities of Pforzheim and Karlsruhe -- a region known for its strong industrial base with an excellent infrastructure, well-educated employees and High-Tech oriented universities.

We are proud to offer products that contribute to advancing productivity and simultaneously conserve resources in the production process. Reliable Double Sheet Detection systems increase equipment availability -uptime - especially in automotive stamping facilities and metal packaging production. The positioning of welded steel tubes results in lighter car bodies thereby conserving materials such as steel and aluminum. The same applies to the manufacturing of steel belted radial tires where our Steel Cord Inspection Systems (SIS) installed upstream prevents the production of faulty tires.

New product developments in the area of nondestructive testing - NDT- for wires, rods and cables are proving their usefulness in difficult applications.

Welcome to log on Roland website: ROLAND ELECTRONIC


Fairs 2014

We would be glad to meet you at these events:

AMTS 2014                                                                                                                               

Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2014
from August 11th. to 13 th. 2014 in Shanghai, China

You find us in the hall E1, booth A14    Homepage:

TUBE CHINA 2014                                                                    

International Tube & Pipe Trade Fair
from 24th. to 27th. September in Shanghai, China

Our booth number will be announced in due time. Homepage: TUBE CHINA 2014


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